Discovery 1

The Discovery 1 was launched in November 1989; the press launch fleet of 86 were all registered in the series G4–WAC and G5–WAC.  Of these cars, half were scrapped by the factory.  Of the remaining vehicles that were sold into private hands, 21 are known to have survived. Roy Preston leads the Project Jay Preservation Society and publishes an excellent monthly newsletter.

Three press launch G-WACs are owned by CVC-R members: G457WAC, G478WAC and G526WAC.  Two five-door D1 prototypes are also by CVC-R members.

Discovery 2

The heavily revised Discovery was launched on 10th September 1998 at a high profile event near Inverness in Scotland.  VIP guests were flown in from around the world and the many new features of the D2, such as Hill Descent, were demonstrated over rough terrain.

In addition to the Scottish launch, the factory commissioned a range of adventures to demonstrate the capabilities of the new model.  One adventure saw a fleet of D2s retracing the footsteps of Hannibal who crossed the Alps nearly 2000 years ago.  The Hannibal fleet of D2s were registered in sequence S—VOA during August 1998 and two such vehicles known to survive and are in the safe ownership of CVC-R members.  S130VOA and S131VOA.