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LRO cvc register summer gathering

The CVC Register held an informal gathering this summer at the Fleur de Lys, Lowsonford, which is a fantastic venue for a splendid pub lunch and a perfect location for former Land Rover factory vehicles to be on display alongside the Stratford Canal. This was also a great opportunity for many members to actually meet together in person for the very first time.

Special guest George Thomson, manager of the second generation Range Rover design team, beguiled and intrigued everyone with tails of his time spent in the Land Rover factory at Solihull making design decisions on the 38a.

The most travelled member was Colin Buckley, Public Relations Specialist at Land Italia Magazine, who covered the story in his ‘Colin’s Corner’ feature. His p38 Range Rover made the journey from Italy to England (and back) with ease.

A big thank you goes to Russ Brown from Land Rover Owner International Magazine for also covering the event in his Club Zone feature which can be seen in the latest issue of LRO.

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