George Thomson

Design Manager Discovery 1, Discovery 3 and 38a

“Really pleased that you have set up the CVC Register, Julian, and I wish you many happy years of involvement with 38A. I was the Design Manager, part of John’s Project Team based in Block 38A, and in charge of a small team of very good designers who created the exterior and interior form of the 38A. Whilst I doubt any designer is ever totally happy with his past designs I must say that I still look at every 38A that I come across and believe that the design has aged very well.”

George explains the front end design decisions of the 38a

George explains the front end design decisions of the 38a

“No one is ever confident in the task of replacing a classic (how many classics do you know whose replacement has received more praise than it’s predecessor – not many if any at all). I am make no apologies for 38A’s Exterior design as we tried to push the envelope as far as we dared given research feedback whilst retaining that unmistakable ” It could only be a Range Rover look” but the Interior was a significant step forward in giving the vehicle the design, fit and finish it needed to become a luxury saloon alternative. We all did our best to produce a vehicle worthy of the name and capability of the previous model Range Rover and I believe we succeeded. I also believe that 38A laid down the very strong foundation that allowed L322 to become an even bigger success. It gives me great deal of satisfaction that there are people such as yourself about who have such a passion for 38As and Land Rovers in general.”

“Last year in Kent I spotted a dark blue Range Rover and didn’t know whether it was a 38A or an L322. The owner had fitted L322 headlamps and a Range Rover Sport grille to his 38A and it took a closer inspection to make me realise that it was a 38A and not an L322. I think it proves that 38A was a strong influence on L322 because it took a few seconds for even my trained eye to spot the difference.”

George Thomson, May 2012

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