L10 RGL and Charles Spencer King

L10 RGL is one of nine pre-production vehicles (along with LR1) to have been registered with a ‘L’ prefix for VIP evaluation prior to the launch.  Rather than using a local registration suffix such as VC (e.g. CVC) these cars were assigned a registration that was intended to look like a personalised plate; where RGL stood for Rover Group Ltd.

Pre-launch car and CSK ‘pilgrimage’ vehicle

L10 RGL, a 4.6 HSE, was used extensively for pre-launch media evaluation and appeared in a number of magazines.  Her most famous driver was Charles Spencer King (CSK): who conceived of the original Range Rover in the late 1960s and was nephew to Maurice Wilks the designer of the original 1948 80-inch Land Rover.  In the late summer of 1995 the factory lent L10 RGL to CSK for a ‘pilgrimage’ to Anglesey to re-visit Maurice Wilks’ farm and the sands near Newborough where the original 80-inch Land Rover was conceived just after the end of the Second World War.

L10 RGL was discovered recently less than thirty miles from the factory having spent the last six years in a garage. She has survived in beautiful original condition.

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