LR1 – The Evolution of the Range Rover

LR1 is the prestigious personalised private registration plate that is owned by Land Rover. It was acquired in the early 90s and has always been assigned to their flagship vehicle – the Range Rover.

Throughout the decades all the vehicles known as LR1 are of the highest specification possible. They have been used as press evaluation vehicles, driven by company directors and showcased to the world as Land Rover’s ultimate achievement.

The first known LR1 is a 1993 Range Rover classic. The very first second generation Range Rover 4.6 HSE to be registered was LR1 and used as a pre-launch press vehicle prior to the official unveiling of the p38. The current LR1 demonstrates the very best of Land Rover’s cutting edge technology.

The ever changing face of the Range Rover is clearly shown in the historical timeline created by all the vehicles that have been registered as LR1 over the many years.

And finally… the world famous HUE 166 is chassis number LR1.

HUE 166 chassis number LR1

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