Police Demonstrator Reliably Revived

M761 CVC is an early production 4.0 SE second generation Range Rover that was one of the six police demonstrators created by Land Rover and loaned to various police forces as a test vehicle. The London Metropolitan Police subsequently bought her in 1997 and deployed her as a traffic car for the next four years.

M761 CVC

After having been off the road for a long time she was saved in August 2014 from an independent Land Rover specialist. The condition of her interior was pretty poor and she has received a replacement dashboard, front door cards, rear seats, trim panels and the headlining has been recovered. A multitude of electrical faults has also been repaired including electric windows, sunroof and central locking. Mechanically, she has needed all new suspension airbags, a compressor overhaul, new brake pads, discs, accumulator, front to rear brake pipes, radiator, battery box and air filter box.

Ongoing restoration continues back to original condition which will include a full respray in alpine white. She passed her MOT in June 2015 and enjoyed a problem free first trip to the Open Weekend at Dunsfold and is now being used as reliable everyday transport.

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