Ron Brown

Brand Manager, Range Rover Classic

“As the vehicle that created the luxury vehicle 4×4 sector the Classic Range Rover was always going to be a hard act to follow. With the Classic Range Rover brand seen as an icon, how the 38a was positioned (during the Classic run out phase and afterwards) keeping the traditionalists on side yet appeal to customers new to the brand was a challenge, which 38a pulled off. From this, a whole new range of vehicles has sprung maintaining Range Rover as the very pinnacle of luxury 4×4 vehicles.”

ron brown land rover range rover

“‘The 10 days That Shook the World’ was a truly unique launch event; I spent some busy but memorable days driving around the UK attending the dealer launch events: 3 dealerships a day with a different venue for their breakfast, lunch and dinner time events! Julian is doing a great Job in tracking down the vehicles and I wish him well with the CVC register.”

Ron Brown, May 2012

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